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St Philip Episcopal, San Antonio


1310 Pecan Valley Dr,

San Antonio, Texas, US

Episcopal African-American Parish Church


10 March 1963 - groundbreaking

15 September 1963 - dedication


"In 1877 Bishop R. W. Elliott of the Missionary District of West Texas envisioned a church for the nearly four million recently freed black citizens of Texas. His campaign for sunday Schools and other religious services for African Americans was cut short by his retirement, but his actions carved a path for the future. Under the authority of Bishop James Steptoe Johnston, the first Episcopal Church for African Americans in the Diocese of West Texas was established in 1895. The first home of "St. Philip's Episcopal Church for Negroes" was an old German Methodist church in downtown San Antonio later known as La Villita. In 1898, the church began a vocational school for African American young people which in 1923 became known as St. Philip's College. After many years at La Villita, the congregation was forced to find other homes. Beginning in 19917, several locations served in turn as houses of worship for St. Philip's. A new church was erected on Pecan Valley Drive in 1963; it remained the only predominantly African American church in the diocese until 1964. A full parish since 1967, St. Philip’s provides support for many Episcopal programs and funds and is active in community outreach and fellowship."

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