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History is concerned with all that has gone before.  It is a record of thoughts, words and actions manifested in physical life.  History seeks to explain; to make sense out of thoughts, words and actions.  The history of humankind is about the people who populate the earth.  The patterns we discern in people’s thinking, speaking and acting we recognize as culture.


                                                                  Culture is the historical patterns of growth and development manifested by humankind globally, nationally, 

                                                                  regionally and communally.   Furthermore, patterns of culture are used by us as individuals to evolve organizations 

                                                                  and communities.  There can be no individual growth and development without organization and community. 


                                                                  Cultural patterns or cultural influences that shape our individual, organizational and community life are formed by                                                                                science, philosophy and religion.  It is the individual being who reigns supreme in creation and who determines the                                                                              organizations that are formed to create community.  Each person (individual) is blessed with a Mind, which contains   

                                                                  Divine powers to utilize science, philosophy and religion to continuously evolve.



can know nothing of life and living unless we use our minds, and through the powers of mind utilizing

the  three interrelated disciplines of science, philosophy and religion, we as individuals acquire information,

knowledge and wisdom about life and living.


So, a reliable knowledge of history and a fundamental understanding of culture and its influences are

essential if we are to build sound and healthy individual, organizational and community lives.  To go further,

history and culture are not only important to creating organizations and communities, but they are vitally

necessary for establishing cities, nations and civilization.


All of this activity we can call, “The Process of Development”.  It works in accordance with Natural Law, as referred to by those wise ones who founded the United States of America and others who came long before and after.  It is designed by our Creator to promote individual growth and development.  


No matter what we encounter in life, it all exist for the benefit of our individual growth and development: THE ESSENTIAL PURPOSE OF A CIVILIZATION, NATION, CITY AND COMMUNITY IS TO PROVIDE AN ENVIRONMENT FOR OPTIMUM INDIVIDUAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT – TUF, LS


We use the Process of Development to better define our individuality and to evolve our organizations and communities (the civilizing process).  All of our values as human beings, our goals and objectives, our thoughts, words and actions are the result of our use of science, philosophy and religion and are enshrined in our history and culture.


                                                                            If history and culture teaches us anything, they demonstrate and help us to see more realistic forms of social and

                                                                            economic development.  They show that individuals create organizations to form communities and that great

                                                                            communities provide the right climate for individuals to grow and develop to their highest potential.  They                                                                                              illustrate and confirm this pattern again and again; repeating it in a process of development that allows for

                                                                            continuous and unlimited individual growth.  


                                                                            We should heed the directive of The Christ to pray directly to the Father.  This is ultimate verification of the

                                                                            Divinity of the individual and the critical importance of individual growth and development.  We must strive to

                                                                            understand that simple living yet high thinking is vital; local living but a global life – a necessity!



We must fully realize that our history and culture is deeply woven not only into the local fabric, but also the regional, national, global and universal fabric of life.  Everything we as human beings have done in our lives is  spurred by the Process of Development and everything we will do henceforth will be motivated and guided by this very same design.


Leon Stubbs

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